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Blast Radius – http://www.blastradius.com/

We are the stewards of a new way of thinking. Our creatives, strategists and technologists know that consumers have changed – and marketing needs to change to keep pace.

Strategy-led, we work with top brands to marry their business goals with the needs of their customers. We leverage digital’s reach, immediacy and openness to transform their marketing. We create networked brands, and these brands become the world’s favorites.

We’re small enough to be nimble and big enough to deliver global projects. We maintain an independent spirit while enjoying the scale of working within a network.

This is who we are today. Let’s take a step back, and talk about how we got here.

Blast Radius began in 1996 when a small group of people converged around a single idea — that the Internet was going to change everything.

Starting off as a boutique digital design agency specializing in videogame companies, after a few years we took what we’d learned and applied it to the business challenges facing leading consumer brands. We started working with brands like Nike and Nintendo, brands that we still work with today.

We survived the downturn in 2000 because of the focus we’d always had on measurable, bottom-line results. From the very beginning, an obsessive focus on our clients’ customers was the unifying thread of all our work. When everyone else was talking bells and whistles, we were talking about what customers needed.

And we knew that what customers needed was the means to interact – to engage – with each other and with their favourite brands. We built a community for Nintendo in 2001, before anyone knew what online community meant. We started extolling social marketing before The Facebook existed. And we always married our clients’ business goals with the needs of their customers – something we now called the Shared Ideal.

We’ve ridden the highs and lows of tech booms and busts, and the rise of social and mobile, always looking for innovative ways to boost our clients’ brands and revenue.

If you’d like to help us write the next chapter in the story of Blast Radius, please check out our open job postings.

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